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JANUARY 27, 2014

  1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Charles Wright, Chris Caines, Steve Heller and Tim Trieschmann in attendance; Charlie Kornegay was absent.  John Morgan represented Sentry Management.  Mr. Wright made a motion to call the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Offices of Sentry Management; Mr. Trieschmann seconded.
  2. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  3. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Caines made a motion to approve the November 25, 2013 minutes as written, which was seconded by Mr.Trieschmann and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  4. Financial Summary –Operating Cash totals $124,441.  Expenses exceeded Income in October by ($491.88). The $669.83 in late and interest fees collected added to income.  The Accounts Receivable Report was reviewed and several accounts were discussed.  Mr. Morgan was asked to research which accounts the Association had assigned to HFS but was not receiving assessment payments.  Trieschmann made a motion to approve the financial reports, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  5. Manager’s Report – Mr. Wright reviewed several items from the Manager’s Report.
  • Acct 243 Colfin (Singh) was paid to HFS.  The Board asked Mr. Morgan to confirm that HFS was paid per the contract.
  • Acct 79 Astacio – The Board asked Mr. Morgan to research whether this account was in lien foreclosure or mortgage foreclosure and ensure the Association’s position is protected.  They are willing to acquire the property and rent it out to aid in recover of assessments in arrears.  They would like to know if the attorneys have any update on the short sale.

Mr. Wright made a motion to approve the report, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a unanimous voice vote.

  2. Review of General Restrictions – Mr. Wright summarized the status of his draft guidelines document for Board members to review.  A lengthy conversation ensued concerning several aspects of the draft.  Mr. Trieschmann made the following motion:
  3. Allow pavers to be installed on sidewalks/pathways/patios, not driveways.
  4. The draft will be referred to the ARB for revision with detailed conditions to be written.  The Board asked the ARB to consider identification of a paving “approved color chart” in conjunction with materials available at Home Depot.

Mr. Heller seconded the motion, with unanimous voice approval.

There was also discussion about the appropriate color of garage doors.  Mr. Wright asked Board members to inspect the garage doors at the following houses and be prepared to vote at the next meeting:

1098 Princeton

943 Princeton

1075 Princeton

???? Rollins

There was a brief discussion about the appropriateness of wall décor.  The Board was presented a summary report of the instance of wall décor collected during an inspection by Mr. Kornegay, Mr. Morgan, and Mrs. Marlene Belcher.  It was noted that wall décor is being done by doorways, some of which to personalize the home’s entryway, in some cases with personal or religious items.  There were also cases of wall décor on the exterior front of homes. The Board decided wall décor was not a concern at this time and decided to take no action relative to wall décor and tabled further discussion indefinitely.

  1. Stumps – Mr. Trieschmann reported that this was being done over time with the assistance of his son who was home from school.  He anticipated the entire task would be complete in the next month or so.
  2. Safety First/STOP Signs – Mr. Caines motioned to intstall the Safety First and Stop Signs, with “All Way Stop” signs added, per the original plan.  Stop Stripes (aka “Stop Bars”) would be added to the new stop sign locations, but older locations would not be repainted, nor would they be outlined in black as had been proposed.  Mr. Trieschmann seconded, and there was unanimous approval by voice vote. The Board asked Mr. Morgan to investigate Sentry Maintenance’s rate and provide an estimate to install the new signs by screwing them to the entry gates.
  3. Raise Canopy of Trees – The trees on Oakley Seaver were trimmed, however there is concern about complaints that were received from residents about the quality of the job.  Mr. Wright will ask the vendor whether the trees were cut on only one side without going into homeowners’ yards.
  4. Fine Committee –Mr. Trieschmann reported that he had researched the use of a Fining Committee within Sentry Management’s communities and that there were 2 Associations that were successfully using it.  While he sees benefits to this structure, he doubts whether it is the appropriate thing to do for College Park at Clermont at this time.  He recommended tabling this proposal indefinitely.
  5. Gates
  • Greasing – The Board discussed bids from American All Secure and AGAS to repair and lubricate the gates.  Mr. Trieschmann made a motion to hire AGAS to repair/lubricate 4 sets of gates for $1926, and specify that they include new hinges, J-bolts, and that there is a method to lubricate the hinges in the future given the new hardware.  Mr. Heller seconded the motion, and it was approved with unanimous voice vote.
  1. Parking Across Sidewalks – The Board asked Mr. Morgan to get an update from Mrs. Belcher about her research into the cost of hiring a security company to inspect the neighborhood once per month for parking violations.
  2. Hardwood Trees – There was a substantial conversation about the requirement that each property have a minimum of 3 trees, as originally planned.  It was noted that although this is Clermont city code, they have declined enforcement.  It was suggested that although it might be difficult to require each property to maintain 3 trees, it might be desirable to encourage properties with no trees to get at least one.  Mr. Heller agreed to perform an inspection of the neighborhood to identify homes with no trees.  He asked Mr. Morgan to supply him an updated map.
  3. Architectural Committee – Mr. Case stated that there were no applications submitted.  He presented a draft flier about trash containers that he plans to tape to trash containers left out in view after trash collection days.  The Board agreed this was a good procedure.

The house with the POD at 1010 Princeton Drive was also discussed.  The Board asked Mr. Morgan to send a violation letter to the house asking that the POD be removed.

  1. Welcome Committee – Mr. Morgan gave Mr. Case a closing report of new homeowners for December.
  2. Irrigation Upgrades – on hold.
  3. Light Bulbs – Mr. Heller pointed out that we were short on light bulbs and actually had a broken fixture in the front entryway.  He asked if Sentry maintenance could look at it and assess the possibility of replacing the bulbs versus replacing the fixtures with LEDs.
  4. Gate Remotes – Mr. Caines asked about the inventory of gate remotes and was told we were down to 5.  The Board suggested acquiring 10 more.
  2. The date of the next Board meeting will be February 24, 2014 @ 7:00 pm at the offices of Sentry Management.
  3. Mr. Caines made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:07 pm, which was seconded by Mr. Trieschmann and carried with a unanimous voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

John R. Morgan, CAM                                                                         Approval Date ____________________


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