Board Minutes June 2017 BOD





     June 26, 2017


  1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Chris Caines, Steve Heller and Joan Auletta in attendance. Marlene Belcher represented Sentry Management. Mr. Caines called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm at the gazebo in the park after a quorum was not established for the annual meeting. Board rolled over with all officers retaining their positions.


  1. The notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


  1. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Heller made a motion to approve the May 22, 2017 minutes as written. Ms. Auletta seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote.


  1. Financial Summary –Operating Cash totals $111,936.96 with Reserves at $163,754.59. $231.67 of late fees added to Operating Cash. Income exceeds Expenses by $2,160.01. YTD surplus amounts to $2,925.63.


  1. Manager’s Report – Ms. Belcher reported:
  • Inspection- Mr. Case and I inspected the property on June 21, 2017. Letters were sent about mowing and palm fronds.       Second letters will be sent to 1098 Princeton (landscape compromise) and the four garage doors that aren’t white.
  • Mr. Case counted 17 hedges that needed to be replaced. Motion at last month’s meeting for replacement was approved for up to $1,000. Estimate came to $1,275.00. Mr. Heller made a motion to approve the estimate, which was seconded by Ms. Auletta and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Acct 205 – C&M asked if the Board wanted to answer the mortgage foreclosure.       Mr. Heller made a motion to answer the MFC, which was seconded by Ms. Auletta and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Acct 226 – Mr. Heller made a motion for C&M to file a cost deposit which will start the process for a lien foreclosure.
  • Acct 97 – Mr. Heller made a motion to send the account to C&M for a Demand Letter.
  • Yard of the month last month was     Rollins. This month it is   Stanford.

Ms. Belcher’s complete report will be included in the minute book.


  2. Gate System Update
  • Alarm Protection was at the gate changing a sensor. They will schedule the fixing of numerous issues.
  • Cameras – Mr. Caines reported a meeting on Thursday to discuss the installation of better technology.
  1. Street Signs – are being made.


  • 1098 Princeton – already discussed.
  • Yard of the Month – already discussed.

Topics discussed:

  • The message board at the main entrance.
  • Wright mentioned that he noticed two board members were not attending.
  • Estimates will be discussed at the next meeting for the removal of speed bumps at the back entrance.
  • Picnic tables were suggested for the park area.
  • Wright asked about collections- which have come down to $15,000.
  • 1022 Princeton Update – Porta potty and dumpster are required by the FL Building Dept., EPA and OSHA. The window has been ordered and should be installed in two weeks. Estimated date of completion is August 30th.
  • Mondello reported that the sale of five homes are pending and there are three new listings.
  • Social Event will be scheduled as soon as gate issues have been settled.
  1. Next Meeting will be July 31, 2017, at 7:00 pm at the Offices of Sentry Management. Ms. Auletta will not be in attendance.
  2. Auletta made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:54 pm, which was seconded by Mr.Heller           and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
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