Board Minutes November 2016 BOD





     November 28, 2016


  1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Chris Caines, Steve Heller, Michael Wilson and Chuck Kornegay in attendance. Marlene Belcher represented Sentry Management. Mr. Caines called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the Offices of Sentry Management.


  1. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


  1. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the October 26, 2016 minutes as written. Mr. Heller seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote.


  1. Financial Summary –Operating Cash totals $127,185.24 with Reserves at $145,743.63. Expenses exceeded Income by $35,612.03 due to the gate system replacement. Year-to-Date Deficit is $16,034.67.


  1. Manager’s Report – Ms. Belcher reported:
  • Acct 117 is waiting for disbursement.
  • Acct 184 – settlement was accepted and is being set up.
  • Inspection- Mr. Case and I inspected the property on November 22. Most violations were for tree limbs hanging over the sidewalk. There were some palm fronds that needed trimming and a couple of garbage cans were by the garage door. 1086 Princeton had a car parked overnight on the wrong side of the street.
  • Yard Sale – Consensus is that the sale in the spring is better than the one in the fall.
  • Poinsettias – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the estimate for poinsettias at the front entrance, which was seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried with a unanimous voice vote.

Ms. Belcher’s complete report will be included in the minute book.


  2. Letter/Policy/Guidelines – Caines explained that before the attorney letter and policy could be sent out, the homeowners handbook had to be updated and distributed. It has to comply with the Covenant Enforcement Policy and Procedure concerning the timing that violation letters are sent. The guidelines were changed to match the policy. Mr. Caines stated that the updated guidelines (handbook) will be handed out along with the gate transponders. He explained to the members present that the guidelines would be enforced no matter what was done in the past. Each homeowner will be treated fairly and equally. Some examples: maintaining white garage doors throughout the community, trash cans hidden from view, being a nuisance to the community. If violations are not remedied within the timeframe stated in the policy direct action will be to get the attorney involved.
  3. Bench at Playground – Mr. Caines has spoken to the installer.
  4. Trash Can (Front Entrance) – Mr. Caines has spoken to the installer.
  5. Gate System Update – Mr. Caines explained to the members present that the front gate was hit by lightning. The Board decided that it would be more cost effective to replace the system instead of repairing it. Two free transponders (tags) will be given out. The tag reader will be on the right as you enter. There will be a searchable call box that accepts cell phone numbers. BrightHouse should be installed the first week of December. Both Century Link lines will be canceled. The relay boxes are looking ‘rusted out.’ Mr. Wilson made a motion to replace the boxes, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a unanimous voice vote. The system does have lightning protectors.
  6. Sign Inventory-in progress.
  7. Wind Damaged Tree – Has been cut down and is waiting for pickup.
  8. Yard Sale – already discussed.


  1. ARC Update – Mr. Case reported that one application for tree removal had been approved. There are several homeowners cutting down trees that did not submit an application. Ms. Belcher will contact code enforcement.
  • Carriage Lights – Ms. Nickelson, who has taken on this project, stated that these lights were very expensive and before she went ahead she wanted to make sure that the Board understood this. Board agreed to go forward with this project.
  1. Playground Grand Re-Opening – on hold until the gate system is installed-after the first of the year.       Ms. Brown asked that she be included in the loop as to when this function would be taking place. She will be contacting the Fire Dept and the Police along with food vendors (Mr. Case stated he may be able to help with this).
  • Christmas Lights Heller stated that the lights were not completed.
  • Brown asked about limbs over sidewalks. Ms. Belcher stated that multiple letters had been sent to homeowners to get trees trimmed up.
  • Dirty driveways and sidewalks will be looked at during the next inspection.
  • Several robberies have taken place in the community during the day. Homeowners were urged to keep their garage doors closed.
  • Belcher will get a quote from Maddie and Daddie to power wash the front entrance.


  1. Next meeting will be January 23, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Offices of Sentry Management. There will be no December meeting.


  1. Kornegay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 pm, which was seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
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