Board Minutes October 2015 BOD

October 26, 2015

1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Chris Caines, Michael Wilson, Steve Heller, Chuck Kornegay and Joan Auletta in attendance. Jorge Garcia represented Sentry Management. Mr. Caines called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm in the Offices of Sentry Management.
2. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
3. Approval of Minutes – On the last minutes, it was stated in reference to the budget that the carryover of $7,930.00 would be brought down to the item line budget 6580 for miscellaneous repairs. I had explained to the board that the carryover cannot be brought down because it is an income not an expense. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the September 28th, 2015 minutes. Mr. Heller seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote. Board was satisfied with the board package.
4. Financial Summary – Operating Cash amounts to $188,645.62, with Reserves at $112,544.40. Current Period Income of $12,526.99 Expenses were exceeded by $275.12 YTD Income of $120,767.89 exceeds Expenses by $11,882.10. Motion to approve financial report. The first motion was given by Mr. Kornegay and second by Mr. Wilson. All in favor in unanimous vote.
5. The board went over the HFS and Clayton & McCulloh reports
6. The board received an estimate from Access Control. They are deciding if it’s better to repair the gates based on the estimate and save money or just replace certain parts or replace the gates all together. Mr. Caines wants to talk to the company to see what would be better in the long run.
7. The board discussed the limit for the replacement of the playground. After further discussion the board agreed to a limit of $30,000.00. Motion was made by Mr. Caines to approve a $30,000.00 budget to update the playground. First motion was given by Mr. Kornegay and second by Mr. Wilson. All in favor in unanimous vote.
8. The board approved Jose Max (A Cut Above) to be the Lawn Company to continue the lawn service for College Park. First motion was given by Mr. Kornegay and second by Mr. Heller. All in favor in unanimous vote.
9. The board approved an estimate from Jose Max to repair certain sidewalks. . First motion was given by Mr. Wilson and second by Mr. Heller. All in favor in unanimous vote.
10. The board wants three estimates from companies to change out all the street signs in College Park.
11. Mr. Kornegay brought up a suggestion to install speed bumps at all the stop signs in College Park. Mr. Kornegay was complaining that he counted 80 vehicles running the stop sign in front of his home one day and 114 vehicle on another day. Mr. Caines called for a motion for the
speed bumps. Mr. Kornegay was in favor Mr. Heller and Ms. Auletta voted against it. Mr. Caines and Mr. Wilson abstained from voting. Therefore, the motion was not approved.
12. On the subject of pressure washing the swells and curves, the board had decided to table at this time.
13. Mr. Caines signed the Quit Claim Deed sent from HOA financial for 782 Princeton.
14. Inspections were completed on 10/22/2015 by Jorge Garcia and Steve Case.
15. Two ARC’s for the month of October were approved prior to the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Jorge Garcia, LCAM Approval Date 11/30/2015
As noted by Randy Miller

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