Board Minutes September 2011 BOD





  1. Establish a Quorm and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Charles Wright, Steve Heller, Miriam Stewart, and Chuck Kornegay in attendance. Marlene Belcher represented Sentry Management. Mr. Wright called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm in the offices of Sentry Management.
  2. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Mr. Wright thanked Mr. Sowder for his dedication and commitment to the community as he served on the College Park Board. Mr. Trieschmann had spoken with Mr. Wright about his interest in joining the Board to complete the term of Mr. Sowder. Unfortunately, he could not attend the meeting tonight so the appointment of another board member was tabled. Mr. Wright explained that with the appointment a reorganization of officers will take place. The appointment doesn’t mean that Mr. Trieschmann assumes the duties of the Vice President. Any board member can be appointed to the position. Mr. Kornegay and possibly Ms. Stewart showed some interest in the position. Ms. Belcher will create a flyer asking if anyone would be interested in serving on the board.

  1. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the August 29, 2011 minutes, which was seconded by Ms. Stewart and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  2. Financial Summary – Total Income exceeded Expenses this month by $603.45. YTD Actual Income exceeds Expenses by $10,468.29. Mr. Heller made a motion to credit balances that were $5.00 and under on the accounts receivable report, which was seconded by Mr. Kornegay and carried with a unanimous voice vote. The board also agreed to remove the automatic ITL on arrearages. Ms. Belcher will request an ITL after there is a default on the second payment. Ms. Belcher suggested that an attorney from Clayton & McCulloh visit the Board meeting and explain the collection process. There is no charge for this service. The Board will then have a decision to make – forward new collection accounts to another attorney or stay with Clayton & McCulloh. The board agreed to the visit and decided to move the meeting time up to 6:00 pm. Ms. Belcher will make the arrangements.
  3. Manager’s Report – Ms. Belcher reported:
  • Damaged Vehicle – there has been no response to a letter sent to the homeowners asking of their intentions in this matter.
  • Light Bulbs – were received and Mr. Heller installed them at the front entrance. He stated that the light timer needed replacing and suggested a sensor. Ms. Belcher had gotten one estimate and will get another and email the board.

Mr. Heller has the sign that was hanging on the front gate.

  • Inspection – Mr. Case and I conducted an inspection and violation letters were sent. Trash containers not contained in the garage on non-trash days will also be included on the flyer
  • The park has been mulched.
  • Gate Signs –Graphics Direct has not swapped the signs yet, but they have not been paid either.
  • Main Entrance Monuments – are cracking and need some attention. Mr. Brown will contact the vendor that repaired the park caps and get an estimate.
  • Ms. Belcher showed the Board the research she had compiled on gate access remotes and key pad numbers. There are many blank spaces. She requested that this item be included on the new board member flyer. The board agreed.

She also suggested a new gate system using stickers similar to the E-pass. She will get some estimates on this system.

  • Gates – have been greased. Both the front and back gates were called in for repair.
  • Vegetation Over Growth – 1047 Princeton was cleaned up. Waiting for letter to be returned to proceed with clean up at 2292 Stanford.

Ms. Belcher’s complete report will be included in the minute book.

  1. Acct 165 – The C&M disbursement department says that the association should receive payment within the next 7-10 business days.
  2. Insurance Quotes –Two quotes for property insurance were included in the package. The Board discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the insurance. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to waive the property insurance, which seconded by Ms. Stewart and carried with a unanimous voice vote. Mr. Wright signed the waiver.
  3. Column Caps (Repair/Paint) – completed.
  4. Towing Sign – Mr. Wright stated that he had checked several times in the evening hours and had only seen a few cars parked on the street. A towing policy seems a little extreme for the sake of a few violators. Parking with the possibility of towing will also be included on the flyer.
  5. Blackened Sidewalks/Storm Drains – A count of 83 storm drains will be verified by Mr. Kornegay and Mr. Brown.
  6. 2012 Budget – At last month’s meeting a possible increase was discussed and Ms. Belcher readjusted the numbers. Mr. Wright stated that he just couldn’t justify an increase at this time. Hopefully next year homeowners would be more financially stable to handle an increase. Ms. Belcher asked if the Board would be interested in rolling all reserves into a Contingency Reserve (past and future)? Mr. Heller made a motion to do this, which was seconded by Ms. Stewart and carried with a majority vote. Mr. Kornegay opposed. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the 2012 readjusted budget with no increase, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a unanimous voice vote. Road Restoration was briefly discussed. Mr. Wright suggested that nothing be done to the roads at this time with hope that the economy improves next year and some of the foreclosures will be taken over and arrearages paid.
  7. Change in Attorney – already discussed.
  8. Storm Drain Erosion in Banyon Canyon – Mr. Wright will investigate.
  1. Main Entrance Light Timer – already discussed.
  2. Truss Rods – Ms. Stewart made a motion to approve the installation of two truss rods on the back gates at $225 per gate, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a majority vote. Mr. Kornegay opposed.
  • Architectural – Mr. Spooner reported that there had been one application submitted to install a solar panel at 786 Princeton. Mr. Kornegay made the motion to approve, which was seconded by Mr. Brown and carried with a unanimous voice vote. Mr. Spooner commented that A Cut Above was doing a good job and that the bracket was off at the front gate. A Cut Above had investigated and stated that they could not repair the bracket. Ms. Belcher will contact Artisan.
  2. The date of the next Board meeting is to be October 26, 2011 @ 6:00 pm at the offices of Sentry Management.
  3. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:08 pm, which was seconded by Mr. Heller and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Mr. Goodger complained about speeders.
  • Ms. Brown asked about the Fines Committee. This committee has to be established using the guidelines provided in the documents. Mr. Case, Mr. Mendoza also volunteered for this committee, which will possibly be chaired by Ms. Brown.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Belcher, LCAM Approval Date ____________________

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