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SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

  1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Charles Wright, Steve Heller, Tim Trieschmann, Charles Kornegay and Chris Caines in attendance. Marlene Belcher represented Sentry Management. Mr. Wright called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the offices of Sentry Management.
  2. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  3. VISIT FROM HOA FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS (JOHN POULOS) – Mr. Poulos explained that his company was formed by a group of finance and real estate professionals to provide a collection product for homeowners associations facing the challenge of past due amounts from delinquent owners and banks. They will take the burden of non-paying owners off the association’s plate and provide immediate financial assistance to the association while eliminating the legal cost of collecting. They take aggressive steps to either force the bank to foreclose or take over the property through a lien foreclosure, rent the property and collect some of the back dues for the Association. They make their money from collecting interest/late, underwriting fees and being a third party buyer of the property.The Board had several questions for Mr. Poulos. Mr. Poulos will email Ms. Belcher his updated contract and brochure. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to have the Attorney look the contract over and get his opinion. Mr. Trieschmann seconded the motion which carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  4. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the September 6, 2012 minutes as written, which was seconded by Mr. Caines and carried with a unanimous voice vote. Ms. Belcher will email the approved minutes to Mr. Heller. Homeowners had asked that the DRAFT minutes be published, which the Board would not agree to.
  5. Financial Summary – Operating Cash totals $113,115.87. Income exceeded Expenses in August by $2,508.44. Reserves total $62,636.59. Year-To-Date Income of $101,791.97 exceeded Total Expenses by $13,356.87. Mr. Wright stated that the Association was showing a surplus even though there are a lot of arrearages. Holding back expenses has helped. Mr. Trieschmann made a motion to approve the financial which was seconded by Mr. Kornegay and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  6. Manager’s Report – Ms. Belcher reported that:
  • Acct 196 – Homeowner has agreed to make $100 a month payments until paid in full. She understands that a default will take her to a lien on her property.
  • Acct 67 – Account was paid in full.
  • 979 Cornell has been cleaned up.
  • 923 Princeton may be the next to be cleaned. We’ll keep an eye on it.
  • Code Enforcement was notified when 955 Princeton was taking a tree down. Code Enforcement was also notified of the pool/screen at 946 Dartmouth. They are now in compliance.
  • Mr. Trieschmann had posted a violation note on the door at 896 Princeton twice! He is glad to report that new renters had moved in and had it written in their lease for the re-sodding of the lawn so they would have something to maintain
  • Street Light at Back Gate – Will be installed in October. Ms. Belcher will investigate where exactly the light will be placed.

Ms. Belcher’s complete report will be included in the minute book.

  2. Sidewalk/Curb Repair – Ms. Belcher had gotten one bid from Tag Construction, which seemed kind of high. Concrete companies are few and far between. Mr. Wright suggested contacting Masonry Works.
  3. Moving/Placing Speed Signs – Mr. Trieschmann will get the extra signs from Mr. Caines and install them where there are long stretches of road. The signs will hopefully slow people down. Mr. Trieschmann was in favor of painting the speed limit – 20 mph – on the asphalt before installing speed bumps. Board agreed that all the striping should be refreshed and repairs made throughout the community and 20 mph should also be tried to slow people down. Ms. Belcher will get a quote (front/back gate, crosswalks, intersections). Mr. Trieschmann stated that he thought that sealants really didn’t strengthen anything, just gives aesthetic appeal. It’s a lot of money for only appeal. The excessive street parking problem as you enter the community on the left was discussed. Ms. Belcher will contact Officer Colon to see if there could be a sign installed to stop the parking right up to the STOP sign. Is there some ordinance against this?
  4. Projects List – Mr. Trieschmann stated that he hadn’t had a chance to power wash the gazebo again after it was marked up with graffiti. Christmas Lights will be added to the Projects List.
  5. Caution Signs – a bid was included in the package. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the ordering of 4 Caution signs made of aluminumfrom Equiptec, which was seconded by Mr. Trieschmann and carried with a majority vote. Mr. Caines obstained . Mr. Goodger will measure the gates to see how wide the sign should be to fit completely on the pickets so they can be screwed in.
  6. 2013 Budget – tabled. Ms. Belcher will tweak the budget as per directions from the Board. Approval will be next.
  1. Garage Sale – Will be held on Oct. 27. There will be no mailing of the event to residents.
  • Architectural – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to appoint Mr. Goodger to the Architectural Committee, due to the resignation of Mr. Brown. Mr. Caines seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote. Mr. Case, in Mr. Spooner’s absence, reported that three applications (repaint, storm door and patio extention) had been approved. Mr. Case also mentioned that the back gate’s frame was bent. It has been that way for years.
  • Mr. Goodger asked if it had ever been considered to leave the gate open during peak hours? Yes and because it is a gated community the gates will not be left open.
  1. The date of the next Board meeting will be October 23, 2012 @ 7:00 pm in the offices of Sentry Management.
  2. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 pm, which was seconded by Mr. Caines and carried with a unanimous voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Belcher, LCAM Approval Date ___________________

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