Board Minutes September 2016 BOD





September 26, 2016


  1. Establish a Quorum and Call to Order – A quorum was established with Chris Caines, Steve Heller, Michael Wilson, Joan Auletta and Chuck Kornegay in attendance. Marlene Belcher represented Sentry Management. Mr. Caines called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the Offices of Sentry Management.


  1. Notice was posted according to Florida Statutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


  1. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to approve the August 22, 2016 and September 6, 2016 minutes as written. Mr. Wilson seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote.


  1. Financial Summary –Operating Cash totals $186,813.79 with Reserves at $140,610.63. Income exceeded Expenses by $1,402.92. Year-to-Date Surplus is $20,072.12.


  1. Manager’s Report – Ms. Belcher reported:
  • Acct 5 – Mr. Kornegay made a motion to Lien this account, which was seconded by Ms. Auletta and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Acct 164 – Waiting to see if defaults on payment plan. No payment for September yet. Lien next month if no payment is received.
  • Correspondence –
    • Homeowner asked if there would be a garage sale and requested the minutes be posted.
    • Several calls and emails inquiring about the gate.
  • Inspection- Mr. Case and I inspected the property on September 20. Most violations were for bare spots in the easement and trash cans in the front of the garage door. Letters will be sent yo 904 and 896 Princeton for clippings in the street, 795 Princeton for parking in the street and 992 Cornell and 834 Princeton will get letters about trailers.
  • Landcare – ACA will be contacted about the perimeter trees and bushes.
  • Yard of the Month – Notice will be mailed out and the presentation will begin in October.
  • Sign Inventory – Ray from Graphics Direct and I took a drive through College Park. He is putting together an estimate.
  • The lighting ‘cad’ still has not been located.

Ms. Belcher’s complete report will be included in the minute book.


  2. Rehabilitation Letter/Policy – Attorney letter was reviewed. Guidelines will have to be changed to coincide with the policy. Second and third violation letters will be sent certified. In looking at the policy it seemed as though something was missing. Ms. Belcher will contact the attorney and ask about its entirety. An email vote will be taken to approve the letter/policy, which will be sent by the attorney.
  3. Bench at Playground – on order.
  4. Trash Can (Front Entrance) – has been received. The bench and trash can will be installed at the same time.
  5. Yard of the Month – already discussed.
  6. Gate System – Mr. Caines met with Alarm Protection and discussed a barrier arm at the front exit and a different type call box. The estimate to add those items was an additional $4,600. Ms. Belcher will negotiate a $390 decrease in that amount to bring the total estimate down to the $60,000 which the board voted to spend at the last meeting. Mr. Kornegay made a motion to increase the approved amount the additional $390 if Alarm Protection would not take it off. Mr. Wilson seconded the motion, which carried with a unanimous voice vote. Ms. Belcher will send Mr. Caines copies of the Century Link bills.


  1. Proposed 2017 Budget – Mr. Caines asked for a report on how much was spent for irrigation repairs for the year. Ms. Belcher will also look for the reserve study, update it and email to the board.
  2. Wind Damaged Tree – Mr. Caines stated that this should be covered in the contract. Ms. Belcher will contact ACA.
  3. ARC Update – Mr. Case reported that five applications had been submitted. Two were denied-one for the lack of information.
  4. Carriage Lights – on hold.
  5. Sign Inventory – already discussed.


  • Cars blocking the sidewalk was discussed. Ms. Auletta made a motion that Ms. Belcher send a reminder about parking to the residents, which was seconded by Mr. Kornegay and carried with a unanimous voice vote.


  1. Next meeting will be October 24, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the Offices of Sentry Management.


  1. Kornegay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 pm, which was seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried with a unanimous voice vote.
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