Frequently Asked Questions


The street lights are maintained by Duke Energy if you are experience a problem with one near you please contact Sentry Management and they will process the repair.

They need to have the pole number (on a plate at the base of the light pole) or address closest to the light.

Each homeowner is responsible for trees on his or her porperty. You should maintain a least 3 hardwoods at all time per City of Clermont Code.

Per city code over trimming or removal without a permitt can result in a fine and replacement od the tree or trees.

The trees in the common areas and the perimeter on the Community are maintained by the HOA.

Form the City Website:

Tree trimming is covered in the Land Development Code (LDC), Section 118-35 Maintenance and pruning – which follows the pruning recommendations of the National Arborist Association. Trees shall not be severely pruned in order to permanently maintain growth at a reduced height or spread, or for commercial uses to simply cut out in order to see a sign or building. Tree abuse includes hatracking, excessive pruning, topping, etc. Basically, trees should be allowed to grow naturally, but can benefit from proper care. Please check with th Planning and Zoning Department BEFORE allowing someone to ruin your trees.

Tree removal is covered in the LDC, Sections 118-111 through 118-113 – Any tree removal requires a permit BEFORE cutting. Permits are available in the Planning and Zoning Department section of this website, or at (and submitted in) Clermont City Hall. There are several criteria for removal, and replacement may be required. The health of a tree and safety of the property owners are considerations and an inspection is part of the process.

Please call the Planning and Zoning Department at 352-394-4083 if you have any questions about tree trimming or removal.

 Click here for the City of Clermont Tree Trimming Guide

Each homeowner or tenant will supplied a access code and name place on the call box.

The callbox is limited to local call only.

Gate remotes can be purchased at the Senrty Management Office for a cost of $40.00.

There is no keypad access to the rear gate of  the community (remote only)

Posting of a gate code on the call box is prohibited.

Any signs and/or posters attached to the gates will be removed.

Problem with the gates or access to the gates must to reported to Sentry Management.

Contact Marlene Belcher  352-243-4595  or

The HOA is not responsible for any damage to vehicles USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


The mandatory water use restrictions apply to everyone, regardless of whether the water comes from a private well, surface water, or a private or public utility.  The rule applies to homeowners and businesses, anyone who uses water outdoors.

Please be advised of the following:

  • As of the 2nd Sunday of March landscape irrigation is restricted to a maximum of two days per week (during Daylight Savings Time) and may not occur between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM for any reason.  Locations receiving irrigation twice a week from a common community system may not exceed the “two-day-per-week” rule.
  • Addresses ending in odd numbers: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Addresses ending in even numbers: Thursday & Sunday

Additional Information can be found on the City of Clermont Website

Clermont Watering Guidelines 

Barrels are to be put out after 6 pm on Wednesday night and are stored in your garage or in an approved shed or cover for the rest of the week.

The community is standardized on a style and look of the mailboxes and poles. It is the homeowners responiblity to maintain there mailbox

  1. Keep it painted black (no rust)
  2. Replace if nessary
    1. Lowes
    2. Home Depot
    3. Post and Support
      • Creative Mailbox Designs
         830 S Ronald Regan Blvd., Suite 225
         Longwood, Fl.

Here is an Example of a properly maintained mailbox: